Do.Something.Productive.Now. and other Random Monday Thoughts

I just got back from the palengke. I love the palengke. It reminds me of Linux. Yes Linux. Basically, you get get only what you want, ignore everything you don’t want, and make it work exactly the way you want it. Sa palengke, bibilhin mo lang ang kailangan mo, sans wrapping, packaging and manufacturer marketing, tapos ok na, mabubuhay ka na dun. Sarap pa. At the guaranteed cheapest lowest price you can imagine.

No I don’t make a tech – analogy for everything I do. It’s just in this case it was because I was pursuing the idea in my mind so I can post it at PWIT. You see, I want to post a non – [tag]MAC[/tag] post at PWIT, declaring my love for the cheap, easy to use, always ready – to – go PC. Why? Because they’re all [tag]Mac lover[/tag]s there. From Adel to Art (I think) to Butch Dalisay. Yes I wanted to use his name so I can brag that I am group – blog mates with Palanca Hall of Famer Butch Dalisay. This gives me an, albeit misguided, but nice feeling just the same, that I have made it somewhere in the writing world. To prove we’re close, here’s a link to his blog. O diba? Put your 2nd and 3rd finger on your left hand together. Ganyan kami ka-close, pare.

At any rate, let me try to write the things down I wanna do today, disclaiming as I do, as to whether any or all of them will get done at all, considering how goddam slow the Internet is. In table form pa, with a 1 pixel border and 5 pixel cellpadding:

Put up the new shelves in the room, drill holes in the doorway so the cable can pass through, crimp said cable, rearrange the furniture, clean stuff, fix up the old PCs to check if they still work – all part of a grand plan to convert extra room in the house as work area.*
Start work on a Powerpoint presentation re a new Exchange I am looking for Angel Investors for.*
Download php and mysql so I can work on a Drupal project offline. 
Fix up the office server DHCP service config file to tie up MAC addresses with corresponding IP addresses so I can inventory who gets in and out and eventually implement some level of VNC.*
Prepare my Photoshop Lesson Plan for tomorrow. We’ll take up making selections with the Marquee tool next. Last week we took up Batch Renaming and Batch Resizing.*
Start migrating some of my hosted domain names and set them up as separate accounts so I can migrate to a bigger, better server. This is because we have been getting bandwith allocation exceeded errors almost 2x a month already. 
Edit some of the videos that have been sitting in my hd for weeks now, like a review of the LG KG-920 5 megapixel phone and the Sony Alpha 100 and the AGJA Christmas party. Embarrassing that I haven’t worked on that.*

* – does NOT require bandwidth, hence doable, since the Internet is way too goddam slow still. Did I say that already? GODDAM SLOW.

That’s it I guess. Strangely enough, there aren’t a whole lot of articles to be written on that to – do list. I’ve yet to receive the dates on a writing assignment for SME Insight. Incidentally I wonder why it doesn’t have a website. This is somewhat disturbing (mental note to ask Art about it). I’ve gotten my first invite for the year Press Event, some [tag]Samsung[/tag] thing on the 16th. I hope its not all aircons and refrigerators.

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