300 Movie Review

I gather that a great number of girls as well as men are raving about 300. And as we speak, the movie has broken 3.12 million US last weekend, and I am amongst those completely unsurprised.

Yet as I left the theatre, why was I not raving about it as all those other men and women? For sure, it kept me quite enraptured throughout. It is a visual feast like no other I’ve seen in a very long time. I can only think, maybe, of The Curse of the Golden Flower or any of it’s other Asian cousins such as The House of The Flying Daggers to compare to the grand imagery of thousands upon thousands of warriors in battle, but even these pale in comparison to how grand this one turned out.

(I’m trying to revive my movie reviewing skills, so please read the rest at Movie Exchange).

3 thoughts on “300 Movie Review

  1. It’s good you got your movie review skills back Cuz. :)

    I will comment here because for some strange reason,I’m unable to comment on movie exchange.

    Well first off it is Gerard Butler with a R not Gerald.

    As for not listening to Ephialtes well if you are trained as a group of 300 people, an extra person and a deformed person at that would ruin the symbiotic relationship among the 300.

    Surely it is like playing a soccer game (I would use soccer because I’m not familiar with the dynamics of basketball :P)where only 10 players are on the field + the goalkeeper. They all train together so on the field the midfielders know to which left forward they should pass the ball to try and score a goal. Thus ensuring a balanced and coherent game if a less trained individual joins the group, it would lose its dynamic.

    I didn’t want to analyze “300” too much and just watched it as some video game unfolding on the screen. Some pure adrenaline fix to rattle the bones. :)

  2. oops ok ill fix the gerald bit.

    well re ephialtes he doesn’t really have to make him fight. leonidas certainly could not have missed him ranting after he denied him, so give him something to do that’d make him feel important. Delay him, trick him into thinking he’ll find action – or even kill him – anything, just don’t let him fall into enemy hands.

    buncha muscle heads. :D

    anyway i’ll check on the commenting at movie ex. thanks cuz.

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