Aaaaaaand we’re back

(with apologies to Google Talk for stealing their message when they get back online after a long wait). So anyway, am back after a 3 day stay at horrendous dial – up land. Mind you, 3 days is ok, and I’m sure you’re all thinking I’m Mr. Drama for getting all worked up about it, but I didn’t know it was gonna be gone for only 3 days, no one at PLDT knew as well (I just called them up this morning and their heldesk was again completely clueless), and the last time my connection got conked out, it lasted 3+ weeks, and that was just a few weeks ago. And before that, it was the super – slow fiasco with the Taiwan earthquake which lasted months, so don’t blame me if I say I’ve been there done that.

At any rate, I never did get to use PLDT Vibe. To the non – knowers, there’s a PLDT Vibe prepaid card and the PLDT Vibe dial up service which supposedly lets all PLDT subscribers log in via username: pldt, password: vibe and dial to 10133, and then they’ll just bill you on your next bill (which is probably expensive but it’s handy for quick cases of no dsl like above, right?).

Unfortunately when I dial 10133 (after being taught by their helpdesk 172+1+1, I get a ‘not yet in service‘ recording. So guess what? I told 172+1+1 about it, and they told me to call 171+1+2 which is their ‘technical support’ place, which after I call, instructed me to call 172+1+1 again apparently because I need to first file a report that it’s broken there before I call them so that they can do something about – something or other. Hesus kristo panginoon.

And btw PLDT didn’t renew anymore, so it’s up for grabs. I’d buy it if I could but the fact that I’m writing about it here, allowing everyone else to know about it (and beat me to the punch if they want to) means I’m not really in a rush. If you want it, go go go.

So anyway back to my story. I decided to ditch that altogether, deciding that if I’d have to go through listening through their taped apology why there’s ‘network congestion’ (played everytime you dial 171 or 172), I’d be risking my sanity.

I still need to call them though, to ask why I don’t have 108 or 109 (operator assisted IDD and NDD respectively, which I call sometimes), instead getting a ‘you are not allowed to call those numbers‘ or something message, when it was working fine a few weeks ago. They are obviously shaking up things in as far as our account’s privileges are concerned, considering everything was hunky dory for a long time before this, so I have to wonder why. At any rate, all’s well for the moment, which is why I decided to mark the occasion via an interesting pic of an announcement I found at a bulletin board the other day. Gotta love them bulletin boards:


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