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apr302007_pans_labyrinth.jpgWhat’s obvious to me during the watching of ‘Laberinto del fauno, El’ (Pan’s Labyrinth), is that the performance of it’s chief villain, Capitan Vidal, played magnificently by Sergi Lopez, effectively brings to life the best rendition of a movie villain I’ve ever seen.

To me, the bad guy is always the juiciest part in every film. If I were an actor wishing to prove my mettle, the surest path to this, granted I’d have the talent of course, is to avoid the hero part, which by being so automatically limits one to stereotype. Rather, one should go for the villain part, where you are allowed far more freedom and depth as you portray, explain, and define why this person has become such as he goes about his bad guy ways.

Whilst you may argue that this can be done for the hero as well, the villain, as we all know in real life villains, frequently does not come from the same cookie cutter like heroes are. There are many and varied ways to screw up a person and make him bad. All colorful, usually deeply tragic, all making excellent fodder for a qualified actor to chew on.

You know what to do!

2 thoughts on “Review of Pan’s Labyrinth

  1. playing villains might also be the actor’s way to escape from humaneness and ethics, giving them unfettered means to actualize their animalistic urges, even if it’s only “pretend” ghastly behavior.

    villainy gives free rein to testosterone overload. which is why i am even more impressed by females who play cold-hearted, slaughterhouse-type antagonists. estrogen gives women the nurturing, protective instinct, that uncanny feeling of wanting to give loose change to that street urchin or longing to pick up that stray kitten. so to play a destructive psycho, a woman has to play against her natural inclinations. and i find this pretty awesome.

    hope you don’t mind me linking up your site in my blog :)

  2. hi tessa good point ill try to pay more attention to women baddies from now on because of what you said! link na rin kita..

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