OpenDNS Rocks the Mike Right

John Roberts of OpenDNS was kind enough to drop by to educate my behind on OpenDNS’ ability to refresh their cache, and consequently pointed me to, where I found the culprit!

I cleared that out, and apparently only Kikay had that problem. Mom, Basketball, Movie and the rest were ok. After checking them all out, this is the page that says everything’s ok:

I gotta tell ya deleting that record had the same effect as stamping out a cockroach! Or deleting a virus that had a chance to propagate again once accessed.

But let’s be frank here. What’s really special is the fact that the VP for Product of OpenDNS is reading my blog. Or that he has time to even read blogs, let alone mine. So I will take advantage of his audience to say how impressed I am at OpenDNS. This is how a DNS server should be run. If you think about it, there really is no better way to run one other than the way they do it. I mean, re – caching service per domain? Who woulda thunk right? If it weren’t for that, then how in heck else could you get rid of an old record as immediately and as efficiently as what I did? Make nice emails to sysads who are either too busy or too lacking in human communication skills to respond?

I wonder if they can repackage what they’ve done and sell it, or better yet, GNU license it up and offer it to ISPs (I have one particular Philippine telco in mind already). They already make money, I presume, on the redirects and searches (am I right?). On the other hand, their DNS server is top notch, and I can only imagine how faster it’d be, say, once they use solid state storage devices which are essentially one big RAM stick (unless they do so already).

So anyway, success, after this, the morning of the 3rd day of the Big Move. Thanks John! Now I got a meeting and gotta run…

3 thoughts on “OpenDNS Rocks the Mike Right

  1. We think CacheCheck is pretty cool, even if it’s pretty geeky (behind its simple interface), so glad you appreciate its power.

    Our service’s speed is a combination of smart networking, custom software, and tuned hardware. We don’t sell the software; the service is free, world-wide, and we’re always looking to expand our network footprint to avoid latency.



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