I haven’t been updating this much because

I’ve been worried about my host server’s RAM consumption, which at 352mb. has once again proven not enough. Last night it started to kill processes again (usually mysql), and the sites weren’t connecting. I checked Analytics and at some point around 10PM, visits spiked to almost 100 just for kikay for that one hour, and dived after that, indicating a mysql crash (since the sites weren’t loading anymore, the visitors left). At this very moment Kikay is loading like molasses and I’ve already sent an email asking what’s up.

So anytime I wanna blog here, I actually think twice because I know it’s just gonna tax the db since we’re on the same host, even if just one bit. Last night I finally got email to work and stopped short of installing Spamassassin when I realized it can be a big RAM hog as well, even though I know it’s necessary.

I am on the verge of ordering another 128mb. making it 480mb. which adds another $13 dollars to my hosting. Each upgrade cost isn’t a lot, but like they say, a dollar here and a dollar there, and before you know it you’re spending a whole lot.

Then again, that’s what servers are for, to push to the limit. I just gotta get everything to pay off and asap.

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