Sometimes I wish

I could just spend my days writing movie reviews or expounding on my thoughts about Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, or whomever is making the news in the NBA these days, on my laptop at some coffee shop (with free or as free as possible wifi), and just live off of that.

There was a time I thought it could be done, but the fact that almost all the blogs I sent writing applications to rejected me, I think, was a sign that was not meant to be :P . Which is good, if you think about it, because it helped me to decide to make my own movie review and basketball blogs, and heck if I’d rather enjoy the fruits (what fruits?!?) of my own writing rather than someone else.

At any rate, all is good. I still get to write in coffee shops alongside my honey, and we talk about the sites and any such thing we might find relevant at the time, and I tell you, it’s hard to find a better more complete peace in the world than at that very moment, when all you hold dear is near you, and everything you value in your life is accounted for and in good shape. People with hate in their hearts should feel how that feels, if only to know that such things are attainable.

Anyway it’s been a busy day. I upgraded the contact forms for kikay and mom, realizing that they were all askew after the server move. Tested them and it’s working out fine. Did quite a lot of progress on a client’s site, and I’m assuming if I pour in a couple of hours each day on that thing I’ll be done by next week. This week was fine too, with two projects in the bag. I’m very very late on submitting a proposal for another, but I think they’ll wait. There are two other thorns waiting to be fixed, but I’m not really hopeful on that other one anymore. I think the guy’s a shyster and I don’t trust him, professionalism be damned.

Oh and I updated my AboutMe page. I should fix up that thing every year at least.

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