Parents Ponder, Phoebe’s going, and yes, Another server memory upgrade

First off, congrats to my main girl Jen for hosting a terrific parenting event for Mom.Exchange.Ph, sponsored by Verdana Homes, last Sat the 16th, at Coffee Tea Bean and Leaf (is that right? or something like that. I mix up that name often.), at the Convergys Building Makati. I peeled my lazy ass off bed early in the AM to get there by 9 to record the proceedings. A bunch of moms, some kids and a stray dad were present, along with fotogs and PR people. Jen did her mom thing with other moms and the resultant incessant chatter was indicative of true success afa im concerned. This is our first co-produced and sponsored event for Mom.Exchange and man am I am way happy and all proud of Jen. Parents Ponder is now a monthly thing and nothing but good things are gonna come out of this I tell you. If you’re a mom, and am interested in joining up, I’ve setup a page here.

Jen doing her thing.

Second, it’s happened, and finally Phoebe my laptop and I are on the letting go stage, and another one, tentatively called Karen (after the great Karen Walker from Will & Grace), is currently the apple of my eye. The details are irrelevant, let’s just say that we tried, we tried reaaally hard, but things just didn’t work out, and it’s time we move on. Let’s all be strong now, no sense in looking at the past. She’ll be packing up her things and should be gone by the end of the week. No tears now, no tears.

And finally for my 3rd piece of news for today, yes, yet another dreaded server memory upgrade, bringing it to 480mb now. For what it’s worth though (and it’s getting to be worth A LOT more now), the sites are loading so much faster and there’s far less swapping with the hard drive. The helpful folks at Rimuhosting were I think, too shy to outright tell me I needed more RAM in the light of the fact this is my 3rd time in just my first month to need an upgrade. Instead they kept talking about checking memory and error logs and stuff, but last Fri mysql crashed again and I just had to finally ask if they thought more RAM was needed, after which I was given a quote, ie. “Well, no one ever got fired for adding more memory.“, which paraphrases from that 70’s (or 80’s) ‘No one ever got fired for buying IBM‘ line. Yup. I got reaaally smart, thoughtful and witty system administrators taking care of my sites.

In retrospect, so what did I expect to be told anyway? That I needed less?? At any rate, with dudes like them at least I know the money’s put to good use.

2 thoughts on “Parents Ponder, Phoebe’s going, and yes, Another server memory upgrade

  1. Congrats, Guys! Way to go! Keep on building the communities!

    And G-Man, you know what they say about constant upgrades… you’ve got a GOOD problem, Man!

    Keep it up!

  2. thanks bro. I look forward to bigger successes when in the future, Hydrotub and (secret unnamed text service) will sponsor our next projects :)

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