We Encourage you to use Firefox.

I have made the ff. banners to be installed on the Exchanges:

I didn’t want to write the usual “Best Viewed by using Firefox”, because I didn’t want there to be any mistake. The sites still work alright on Internet Explorer (well at least I think so), but the term “Best Viewed..” might mean that I have only made them work on Firefox, which isn’t true.

I also didn’t want to use the standard ‘Get Firefox’ buttons over here, because those tend, I think, to be ignored, or mistaken to be paid promo ads. I always design my sites not for techies, but for the ordinary, non – Internet users out there. I don’t have to worry about techies. If you’re a techie, I presume you should already know that Firefox is the better deal. Its the ordinary user I want to help out, and saying ‘Exchange.ph encourages you..’ means that it supports and recognizes Firefox and would like (but is not forcing!) everyone to use it, whether or not Exchange.ph looks better on it or not.

Whew. That’s a lot to say huh.

But anyway, it’s on the sites now, with a link leading to the download Firefox site (I hope they never change that!).

You know, I can’t say enough of how important the browser is not only as far as our Internet experience is concerned, but this has to do with things like freedom of speech and the ability to access services freely as well. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs talked about it on the surface a little bit on their discussions at at the All Things Digital 5 Conference, and it always sends chills to me as to how absolutely crucial it is that the browser remain completely independent of any bias, whether corporate, political, geographical or whatever.

I know that sounds a little off, but think about it. Both Jobs and Gates (especially Gates), if they had their way would want you to use the ‘net to buy stuff off of their companies or company’s partners. And you can’t blame them. That’s what companies do – try to make money. But if we were to allow them to make our browsers, then they’d shape it in such a way so as to favor theirs over everyone else’s. Why do you think MS is more in the news for their litigation situation rather than their products? Jobs on the other hand, wants to, and I have no doubt, will do the same if he could, and might even do a better job at it, since he controls both hardware and software. Proof? The much touted iPhone is closed to 3rd party apps. Why? Obviously because he wants his own apps, and in so doing removing innovation from the equation in pursuit of his company’s goals. More proof? Safari is now available for Win. There is no other compelling reason to make it so if it wasn’t a commercial reason, right? I mean, why even bother spending the money and effort making it suitable for Windows if there wasn’t some prize at the end?

And again, you can’t blame him. That’s his job, and he’s hella making a lot of money for his stockholders, making him very good at it.

All over the world, people, governments, companies, etc., want to control the Internet. And the best way, really, is via control of the browser. Most everything funnels down to the browser. It is our window to what’s out there, and if there is even so much of a smudge on that clear glass pane, keeping us from seeing things clearly, then we are being kept from seeing what we want to see, and this defeats the great promise of the Internet.

Damn I realize now I’ve spent waaaay too much time talking about this. I need to finish something, get my car in the garage, get my new laptop (HOOORAAAAAAAAYYY), and maybe play ball later. See ya’ll and have a nice weekend :)

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