Mobile Ex is no more.

It has occurred to me that if I were working on only one site, say, Kikay, or Movie, then it’d have probably been a super major outstanding grabe fantastic over hit by now. But then again I’m probably just making excuses, being as I am, not completely happy with the state of each individual site. Oh sure they’re loading and processing fine, but there’s so much, SOOOO MUCH I want to do to each one, I frequently just end up staring at my to do list, which should probably be named ‘wish I could do them’ list, because its become pretty overwhelming.

Which is why, you see now, I am in that ‘what if it was just one site‘ mode of thinking at the moment, because if it was just one, then everything that I’d want done would be (in theory) done, and I’d be concentrating on just marketing right about now.

At any rate, today I killed of, because of 3 things: 1.) I just can’t handle the workload in maintaining that, 2.) I’m seriously starting to wonder about the feasibility of websites that feature gadgets these days. I’m just not sure that people are all that interested anymore. And finally 3.), it’s taking up valuable server space and resources.

So that’s it. I’m sad I had to do it. Again, I had SOOOO MUCH I wanted to do with that, but hey there’s only one me, and i’m a very stretched me as it is.

However (and a big however here), everything is saved and tucked away in .tar format, so maybe, you know, maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel after this, and one day I’ll be able to revive it again, who knows.

I dunno. Maybe yeah, maybe no. It’s just that at this very moment, I am more than ever determined to make all my plans, all those things I’ve been thinking about AND especially marketing, to work. And via removal of Mobile, I’m sure I can focus even more now. Yeah. I’ll think about it that way. It’s easier to swallow that way.

4 thoughts on “Mobile Ex is no more.

  1. Hey, Gary! Don’t be sad… it’s your birthday pa naman… :)

    Seriously, Kikay and Mom Exchange are doing very well right now. Potential is gleaming. Go with the “fruit bearing trees”.

    I believe this decision of yours is correct. You have my support on that.

  2. support? as in advertising support? O sige pare thanks. I’ll send you my ad rates pili ka na lang :)

    Don’t be sad… it’s your birthday pa naman… :)

    dyos ko pare. 2007 na.

  3. I can only imagine how hard it is to maintain so many sites. I just have one and I’m going bonkers.

    About featuring gadgets, I’m finding interesting.

    Anyway, thanks for commenting in Flair in the City. :)

    And yeah, DON’T be sad. Oh and, happy birthday, Gary! :D

  4. its not my bday Angel! That’s an old old old ‘saying’ which I’m sure you’re too young to know about.

    Anyway, flair looks great. Good job.

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