53.76 Kikays Don’t Mind Using Their Credit Cards Online

Here’s a screenshot of the results of our 3 month long poll on Credit Card Usage on Kikay Exchange. I’m also reprinting this article.


Apparently, 53.76 people (48%) use their credit cards online all the time, while an even 29.12 people (26%), either haven’t done so yet but are ‘willing to give it a try’, or haven’t yet and ‘probably never will’.

This is an interesting insight into the mindset of, arguably, the most active consumer type – Women Shoppers – on Philippine internet today, re a terribly important topic – using their plastic to buy things online. Businesses hoping to take their business online would do well to take note.

This poll ran from March 26, 2007 to July 1, 2007, and was participated in by 112 unique users, most likely (it cannot be decided for sure), Philippine women residing in the Philippines – as opposed to those based overseas. Should you need more details on our parameters, or want to suggest your own poll idea, or even sponsor one, click our ‘About‘ page and use the form there, or leave a comment below with your contact info.

Publications are free to use the above, and any other poll we do in the future, as research material so long as you don’t forget to let us know.

1 thought on “53.76 Kikays Don’t Mind Using Their Credit Cards Online

  1. Hey, Gary!

    Interesting survey results. It also might interest you to know that in eBay.Ph the most preferred method of payment is GCash. Most kikays in eBay.Ph have a GCash account. We also ran a survey last year and found out that about 40% of the respondents (around 120, I believe) preferred GCash over direct bank deposit (30%), COD (or kaliwaan, 20%), and others (Smart Money, Western Union, etc., 10%).

    Payment option via credit cards weren’t included as PayPal wasn’t offered yet at that time. Even if we include PayPal in a new survey, it will still not count as you are only allowed to send money with your Philippine PayPal account (the receive payment thru PayPal is a soon-to-be-offered service according to reliable sources).

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