VMWare Shows The Way

I love it that VMWare stock is doing well in the U.S. stock market right now. I’ve often wished I could play in that market if I had the chance, particularly during Apple new product situations and occasionally, a few web services in the past that I thought would do well (although I’m not gonna say I pick em all great because most did ok but some didn’t).

I’ve never wished I could buy stock at no better time than now, with VMWare going public. Not necessarily because its done as well as it had – I was sure it’d do well but certainly not this well – but also because of the clear message this sends to bad ol’ Microsoft.

VMWare simply put is software that gives the ability to run services on a computer regardless of operating system by allowing several operating systems to run alongside one another in one machine. In effect it brings sanity in a world where choices aren’t necessarily made in favor of the best.

I don’t really wanna get in the intricacies of what virtualization is about right here. I was about to start a paragraph explaining it a bit, but I realized I was quickly getting much too techie and was losing focus on what I was trying to say.

The point is this: Virtualization allows a Mac to run Windows and a Mac OS at the same time, or on a larger scale, a large server to run both Windows and Linux and Mac and whatever, again all at the same time.

For me, that ability is a direct blow to Microsoft’s constant nagging to make you use theirs and only their brand if you choose to use any at all. By blurrying the distinction between which OS does what the user makes the choice to use whichever he feels best allows him to get the job done.

Microsoft is of course, frothing at the mouth and responded by entering the field themselves plus some legal maneuverings (what else is new) to try and get customer base to agree to terms clearly counter – virtualization (as summarized here).

However, the volley has been launched and VMWare’s public offering success is a virtual, if you may, sign signifying the public’s acceptance of the technology and rosy outlook of it’s use. A sign of confidence that the technology is no flash in the pan and that here is a truly important and revolutionary situation that’s not only potentially, but actually going to change the server playing field – an area in IT that’s hungry for a radical change imho. The new technology has required some rethinking and possibly new processor designs, plus the fact that this allows for energy conservation – an issue hardly discussed in the server room, as lesser physical machines or even one machine can do the job of several.

I realize that the reason I am excited about this isn’t necessarily a techie one. Sure I was always interested in the technology, but what really turns me on is the idea that big ol bad MS plans falling to counter it falling by the wayside, and the user, via technology, is getting a choice. Tech has always been a favorite topic of mine primarily because it has the ability to make the truth come out. Because tech is so pervasive, it forces us to use it because we really need to. However there will always be certain parties who think that we should use it their way, and in a manner that fits their plans, and there is no such prevailing entity demonstrative of this fact than big ol MS.

Mind you I don’t necessarily feel they shouldn’t do what they do, being as they are, in the business of making money. Obviously however, this does not necessarily connive with furthering technology for the user’s sake. Just the fact that you have to make agreements with users to make them use the software they buy in specific ways is contradictory to what technology is supposed to be about. Technology is supposed to be pioneering, always changing, metamorphosizing into the new and the better, to better fit into a person’s life at every step – how is that going to happen when you discover a way to make it better but are constrained by User Agreements?

My belief in technology is confirmed by this. But I suppose it doesn’t need any further confirmation. That’s just the way Tech is.

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