PLUG Meeting Notes

Note: In lieu of PLUG’s website, which is still to be reestablished, I am posting herewith notes of our meeting last 11.09.07 at Bo’s Coffee Robinson’s Galleria.

The following attended the meeting (loosely referred to as ‘the group’ below):

Ryan S. Ching
Victor E. Mendoza
Paolo Alexis Falcone
AC Perdon
Ian Sison
Joebert Jacoba
Mark Achanzar
Gabriel “Gary” Mercado (myself)

The topics discussed were as follows (in no particular order):

PLUG Website –

Paolo explained that the website is not functional due to an upgrade error. As a result he is unable to extricate the contents of a PLONE 2.0x archive file that contains 10 years worth of data. This has been compounded by the fact that since there is no PLUG board to decide on this, he has not been able to determine the proper course of action to take.

Inspite of the unavailability of this archive, the group has decided to establish a new one. While Ian prefers a WIKI type of website, Ryan has offered the services of a local Drupal Users Group which the group had decided to be the best path to take. Ian will volunteer a domain name for the website, while hosting will continue to be at Mr. Jijo Sevilla’s server.

The group has determined that establishing a new website is an important priority as this will function as an important way to communicate with its members alongside the mailing list.

Status of SEC Registration –

As Marvin Pascual explained in the mailing list, PLUG’s SEC Registration will expire by January 2008. Ian volunteered the services of a lawyer (?) friend who can determine for the group the any renewal fees needed. What, if any, fund raising activities will be done for this purpose will be determined pending determination of said fees.

Paolo further explained that there are several issues that need to be addressed re inconsistencies in PLUG’s constitution, such as its inability to call a General Assembly without Board Members, which cannot be formed as well because there is no General Assembly (or something like that – Gary). The group had decided that these will be tackled at a later date, and is second in priority to the SEC renewal.

Electing A Board –
Ian suggested the adoption of an ‘agenda – based’ approach to electing new board members and leadership. Essentially, this involves an individual or group determining any projects and activities he or it wishes for PLUG to undertake, and actively looking for like – minded members needed to execute these. From these people PLUG’s Board would be formed around.

This is in lieu of this author’s initial suggestion – the ‘traditional’ method of forming a Board, which is to ask who amongst the mailing list wishes to join, form a Board, and then solicit suggestions from the membership or otherwise determine afterwards which activities to pursue. Ian argued that this method has met with little success and is likely the reason why there has been little progress.

The group has determined that Ian’s suggestion has a higher likelihood of success, and in this light, I have decided to submit to the group my own agenda by the week after posting this.

PLUG History and Future –

Along with discussion over pertinent issues, Ian revealed a bit of history re PLUG, explaining that it has been around since the late 1980s. As a result, the group was further motivated to pursue efforts to revive the organization, not to mention in consideration of the fact that there is a great deal to do in the future as well.

Visiting Mr. Axmark –

While it is recognized that it is important to forge relations with influential persons such as MySQL co-founder Mr. Axmark, who happened to be touring the region at the time, it was concurred that it is too early to do so given PLUG’s current state. Instead, Joebert and Victor happened to have separate engagements with him and will extend PLUG’s welcome on the org’s behalf.

The group concluded the meeting at 8:30pm.

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