Food Shots!!

Taken by Laszlo last week..

click for the full view

More here:

I figure most of the photos we’re gonna take are mostly macros like that from 2+- inches away, so here they are!

So far I’m happy. The ones in natural light come out best as expected, but the ones using indoor light I think are iffy. That means we need to take shots of food during the day, which can be a bummer unless we get non-fluorescent or at least non-tungsten light, or at least until I figure out a better setting, which most likely will be a cheat – a mix of high ISO plus, I dunno.. something, maybe one of those default indoor settings, or maybe put something in the foreground for contrast, to distract eyes away from the not so nice qualities.

Also I should maybe get one of those small spider like tripods I can put on top of the table, or at least have Jill hold the food still so I can have both hands free, especially for the shots with a fork digging into food, which in this case came out lousy. Or maybe why not just drop the idea of those shots altogether and save myself a few thousand bucks? Yeah that’s a thought.

Ok enough talking to myself. Click the link above, you’ll see all the shots tagged ‘food’. More to come!

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