I’m Coaching the 14-17 yr old boys Basketball Inter Village again

We’ll be known as the Clippers for some odd reason, and first practice is 7am Sat. I’m super excited primarily because it’s the same boys I’m coaching save for a few who’ve gotten older since last year, and secondarily because, secretly, I really wanna get back at the Blue team which beat us by a hair the last time.

As if I’m not busy enough.

Ack, no matter. The game has given me so much, but it has also taken so much as well. I would’ve thought that I’d have stopped learning now, years after the times when I was any good, and when I thought I could’ve contributed the most. If anything, I’ve learned playing it is essentially a selfish thing compared to coaching it. Consequently if there’s any reason why I’m not interested in playing it anymore, its because teaching it, coaching it and sharing it is a thousand times more fulfilling than playing it.

So there. Lesson learned. And more to come, it seems. At any rate, all basketball talk aside, if and when those boys need me, they know I’m just a knock on our door away.

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