RIP My Motherboard

I have successfully fried my PC’s mobo (motherboard), hence I am using Dagny, Jill’s laptop.

where i get my shit done

It runs Vista, which is funny because at the start of this month, I started out to use Ubuntu. After trying out the Chief’s Nvidia 7300 GL video card, which he kindly sold to me for a much discounted sum, I then tried my hand at Kubuntu. Then before you know it, I am now using Vista. The PR folks at Microsoft couldn’t possibly write better copy than that.

At any rate, my mobo fried not because of aforementioned venture into other Operating Systems, but plainly and purely because it’s old. As in old, slapped full of band-aids old, and had been teetering along the edges of the foreboding abyss of wherever dead motherboards go for years. I credit my own McGyver like skills for keeping it alive all these years, but even my desperation inspired abilities to revive old things has its limits. Once I inserted the new vidcard, it caused a mobo heart attack, and slowly went in the ICU.

And now, it is a hunking dead piece of metal, its spirit no doubt freely surfing in in that big motherboard heaven in the sky. A better place for my long suffering mobo.

A review of Dagny is probably forthcoming, knowing how I like doing that sort of thing. Same as well for Vista, which inspite of what people might think, I’ve never really had a problem about. I actually *gasp* kind of like it, and understand why MS made it the way it is. But then again I’ve not used it for long, so we’ll see.

Also, gotta buy a new mobo, AMD processor and RAM in the next week or two. I’ve been checking and it doesn’t appear to be as painful to the wallet as I thought it’d be, or at least, way less than it used to be.

Later then. For now, back to work.

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