So it looks like Microsoft is going to support XP for 6 more years, until 2014. So if you’ve bought a Vista equipped PC recently, you gotta ask : “So pano na ngayon ang binayad ko sa Vista?!

Mind you, this isn’t a pro – Linux or pro – anything rant. I don’t own a Vista PC to begin with, and like I said in a previous post, I don’t find anything wrong with it either. I’m using Vista Home right now on Jill’s PC, and I’m doing just fine. Some isues here and there, but mostly, it is, albeit superficially (primarily because most of it’s ‘improvements’ are cosmetic) can be considered a step up above XP.

Having said that, one might assume though that there was something wrong with XP to begin with, or at least missing a feature that’d necessitate an upgrade.

By now however, after Vista’s been around for a while, the answer to that is no, N-O, there is no truly compelling issue to ‘upgrade’ to Vista. You might be compelled, just because you wanna see your computer do this:

Above is a screenshot of me doing a ‘Windows key + Tab’ maneuver, which lets me switch to another application in a very fancy way. Or you may be interested in doing this:

A screenshot of Vista’s Parental Controls.

But I’d be lying to you if I said that the Compiz isn’t as impressive, screenshot here (and more jaw dropping effects here):

or that Norton can’t do Parental Controls better or at least similar to Vista.

The point of this post is moot. People who have already bought Vista have bought it, period. It’s money spent, money you can’t get back.

But if you were happily using XP before Vista came along, that announcement is basically saying that it’s money you shouldn’t have spent in the first place, or at least until 2014.

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