When will all this stupidity end?

We live in a country that suffers through 3 or 4 storms a year, and every year, thousands die. Re above, you’d think that with centuries of experience with storms plus being surrounded by an ocean, we’d at least know when to send a ship out to sea and when not to.

Especially people who run a shipping line. Especially when that shipping line sends out ferries several times a week. Especially when this sort of thing has happened before.

Does it really take all that much? Does it take a genius to run a ship? To look out the window and say ‘hey, it looks bad’, and turn towards the wind, or not go out at all?

The sad thing is, we’re so fucking used to this sort of thing that 700 people dying a horrifying death seems just as bad as gas hitting P58.00 / liter. If Pacquiao loses tomorrow it might even be deemed as a greater ‘tragedy’ than this.

I’ll go ahead and say this, even if it seems unnecessary, only because someone needs to say it. No, it is not as bad as gas hitting P58. It is so much WORSE, because I just can’t see how it could’nt have so easily been avoided.

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