The Gall

Jesus Christ the gall of this woman to plaster her face all over the fucking LRT2.

Am I, and everyone else I know, completely out of it so much so that this sort of PR actually works? Does the masa lap this up? Do they really believe she represents any interest other than hers and whoever it is latched onto her?

It’s almost like getting repeatedly kicked after already writhing on the ground, covered in your own blood from stab wounds. It’s like penny pinching every single peso you have and being told there are people who feel that ‘ramdam na ramdam nila ang asenso’.

It just makes me sick sick sick.

1 thought on “The Gall

  1. tapos bakit parang nakakindat/kirat siya?

    hey GMA: ‘katotohanan, katarungan, pagbabago’ my a**.

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