I Am Writing This Post Because It’s Raining Outside

.. and therefore, a brownout will ensue afterwards. That is how it is in our village each time. Strangely enough it happens after a big downpour, when everything seems to have settled down. First, it rains cats and dogs, then suddenly you hear a large explosion but from very far away. See, there’s a transformer thingamajing near the entrance of the village, and after a downpour the thing ‘explodes’ in a way that I might imagine dynamite would. It’s one of those things that when you hear, sounds like a big deal, but because its far away, you might miss if you’re busy doing something else.

Anyway after the explosion, the lights go out, but only for ten minutes or so, then things are ok again.

Which is why I’m writing this because I’m waiting for it. And I can’t start work or anything because I know it’d all have to stop as soon as I hear my UPS beeping, indicating (quite loudly) that I am dependent on it, and will need to shut things down and find something to do till it comes back on.

Which is stupid really.

And.. (no am not yet finished), I experienced that explosion closer once, when I had a haircut at a barbershop near the village gate, and I swear that thing almost made my barber cut my ear off.

And the thing is, it’s turning the nearby residents into nervous wrecks, especially I assume the guard on duty at the gate. They’ve started to anticipate how the transformer would explode, and of course people joke about it (like my barber), but I could tell he was actually nervous talking and waiting for it.

Just as he was explaining it, BOOOM there it went, and I swear to god he almost dropped the pair of scissors he was using, scissors close to my head. I mean, what if he was shaving my neck or something? Damn.

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