Electric Current from MSI Wind VGA Port

Alright, first off, I haven’t reported on this blog yet that I am now the proud owner of an MSI Wind U100x Netbook I’ve lovingly called ‘Scout’. I blogged about her here, and a month or so after, I finally have her.


And now comes the 2nd part of this report, which is to sadly document a problem. Shockingly (and I kid not), there is a minor current of electricity emanating from the VGA port on the right hand side, between the LAN and fan ports.

This only happens when it’s running on AC, meaning its plugged in. Otherwise while running on batteries, it’s fine.

I suspect that it wasn’t closed properly when we installed an extra 1gb. of RAM where I bought it. Some electric juice might be flowing through the chassis and coming out the right side.

So far, it hasn’t affected the performance though, as I’m using it to make this blogpost right now. I just found out about this problem a few minutes ago when I was writing this. I was all set to write a more glowing review, considering it has turned out to be everything I thought it’d be and more. I’m quite happy with it, or rather, was, until of course aforementioned problem occurred.

Nothing a quick visit back to my vendor won’t fix of course. Hassle, but it has to be done. In the meantime, I’m turning this off and turning in for the night. I had plans on reinstalling the OS with ordinary Ubuntu (I’m not really happy with Kubuntu), but because of said issue, I think I’ll shelve that idea till I get this fixed or replaced.

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