VW Pics

I’m obsessed with Volkswagens, particularly the Type 3 variety and its many variants.

When I first moved here, I would pass by this talyer along the highway where I would see exactly that type of vehicle peek out from a canvass top. Needless to say, it piqued my interest to boiling point, and I resolved to check it out once I had the chance. A few days ago was that chance.

volkswagen type 3 fastback

Here’s what it looks like fully restored:

Pretty, ‘no?

This is the type 3 variant called the ‘Fastback’. Unfortunately, what I really want is the variant called the ‘Notchback’, pictured here:

Which is what my Dad used to have when I was a kid. Above pic is even the same color.

Anyway I won’t go for the Fastback. First of all the guy at the garage told me lots of people come over to ask about it all the time, so the fact no sale has happened means there’s trouble going on. I asked further and he mentioned it came from another garage they owned where the owner couldn’t pay up for the work they did on it, so the garage owner is keeping it. I asked for the garage owner’s number and was given it, but I doubt I’ll even investigate further. It’s not even my type of variant to begin with.


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