Candidate Dwelling #2 aka ‘Phase 5’

Onwards to be referred to as ‘Phase 5’

well, actually there’s two houses, #105 and #108. I think these will go low on our priority list, as they offer no specific advantage over previous candidate dwelling #1 (the 3rd floor house). The only thing it has over the ‘little house’ (the one I live in now) is that these have floor tiles while mine is bare cement, and they have a 2nd floor.

But they require 2x the rent, and they’re even farther away from the highway, so I’m iffy at best.

So today I went to the PLDT office where they made me sign a piece of paper that’d make them do a survey if the village where the 3rd floor place can accommodate the all-important DSL. Stupid company will charge you P2,700 ‘transfer fee’ plus disconnect you 2-3 weeks while moving. They should rename that ‘incompetence fee’ because, really, why should I suffer 2-3 weeks of no connection if all they need to do is disconnect the 1st and connect the 2nd, which can probaby be done in one action?

Ach, whatever. Pending this,┬áCandidate #2 aka ‘the 3rd floor’ is lookin’ good.

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