Moving Updates

As of today May 7, 2010, 3rd floor house is slowly but surely moving towards the realm of comfortability. We’re both thinking twice when blurting out sentences with the phrase ‘to buy’ in them, ie. ‘We have to buy…‘, or ‘ an interesting thing to buy.‘. Saving dwindling funds has become imperative (when is it not).

Anyway, here’s some pics, some stolen from Jill’s blog.

Fortunately above activities proceeded without a hitch.

Much more difficult was moving the stuff up 29 steps into the 3rd floor of the house, compounded by the fact that the keys to the front door were left inside the other day. I had to drill / pound on the door knob until it gave way (I replaced it with a new one that night, I had a spare doorknob with me, talk about prepared).

We celebrated that evening with our traditional baked porkchops, this time with mashed potatoes and some non-sucky wine for a change.

A closer look.

Day 2 was another whirlwind of activity, highlighted by the use of some much, MUCH appreciated SM GCs, used for buying groceries and kitchenware.

Actually it wasn’t so hard if it weren’t for the fact I was fighting off a cold that may have come from perspiring so much during the pictorials of our wedding day and just the overall exhaustion of the whole affair, plus of course the mind – numbing 38 degree heat.

Night of Day 2 we had some fried itik bought from a store we pass along the highway. It was our first time to try it after planning so long to buy one. The owners said they boil it in spices, freeze it, then deep fry it when someone buys one. It cost P180 and I give it a 7 out of 10.

Here’s our bedroom so far.

Obviously a mess. Here’s the kitchen:

My plants:

Jill at work.

View from the terrace (the streak is a passing plane).

I’m writing this morning of Day 3, so a lot more updates more to come. Today we’re staying in till I can get rid of my nasty cough and cold symptoms, and I’ve gotta set up my computer and other stuff (I’m using Jill’s laptop).

Good news is: it’s nice and windy, and the 3rd floor house is really nice to look at in the bright sunlight. There are also no mosquitoes, and (allelujah) we never had to spend a day without cable and DSL. Cable was transferred promptly on the day we scheduled it and DSL was connected on Day 1, so yehey.

Bad news? If any, it’s the 29 steps. A workout especially if bringing in groceries and stuff.

Next week? CEBU!

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