Moalboal Pics

It’s important that I upload these images before life starts pouring things – to – do on me, so here we go.


Moalboal Cebu is approximately 2 hours drive away from Cebu City. This place is kinda like Jill’s family’s official vacation place, with a house there for anyone to use.

Above pic was taken late afternoon from a pier. At low tide, the shore stretches up to a kilometer away, and the sea floor is teaming with life from crabs to seaweed. It makes you wonder why anyone would wanna leave such a place (and many many other places like it all over the country) for the city. Here, if you go hungry, you can fashion a trap to catch crabs or come out onto the shore such as above to pick food. If you go hungry in the city, you beg, steal or drop dead.

Here’s my camera’s attempt at capturing the breathtaking sunset. A poor rendition to how amazing it actually is.

We were there during Fiesta season, and like all Fiestas in Philippine provinces there is a ton of food, every house is open to near – strangers and the air is thick with the constant wailing of 36 hour karaoke sessions on every street corner.

We were hoarded to houses that were related to Jill via 3 or 4 levels away (something like, her cousin’s paternal cousins, etc.), and were treated to feast after feast. On just that one day:

Then on the day after that:

I can’t imagine why we need people like Anthony Bourdain to validate for us how incredibly delicious and special Cebu’s lechon is.

lechon cebu

Anyone with barely working taste buds and a vague concept of how difficult it is to roast a pig so evenly and so flavorfully, so much that it’d be a pity to put any type of sauce in it such as above, should already understand how amazing it is to begin with.

And so what if foreigners don’t get to taste how wonderful it is? More for us, I say. I think the Cebu Lechon is a national treasure we should guard zealously and keep amongst ourselves. What’s to gain from sharing it anyway? Some fastfood brand will just package it and sell it in happy meals for their own benefit.

I have tasted authentic, Cebu province Lechon and it’s a hundred times better than anything we were ever told. Anything else I’ve had local or foreign pales, completely and properly pales in comparison.

Ok enough of that. More pics of the beach next time.

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