Thoughts After Watching RHBill Arguments

I installed RH Bill banners to run on several of my sites way back Nov. 11, 2011. They’re the yellow ones shown here on MomEx below.


I remember emailing Carlos Celdran to ask where they should land when clicked. He suggested

I admit I was nervous uploading that at the time. I had never been ‘political’ before, or at least not outwardly so, but I read and reread the arguments for and against it, and it was clear to me this Bill wasn’t anything like any I had encountered.

My reactions to either pro or anti arguments were strong. The Pros made sense in the most basic and simple manner. Provision of reproductive health facilities for women and educating the youth towards responsible sexual behavior is a basic responsibility of government. ¬†This should’ve been done decades ago. It just couldn’t be more simple.

The Antis arguments made me furious. Catholic Church supporters could not provide an argument worth discussion. In an argument you need to make sense and argue valid points. Coming into a discussion with statements such as ‘it’s in the Bible’, and ‘the heavens will cry’, is akin to a closed mind and frankly the foundation for many of this country’s ills.

But above all, the Church was acting like a bully. It was meddling in affairs of government, a government that represents all Filipinos which lest they forget, many of whom aren’t Catholic. And I have a distinct hatred of bullies.

However, I was not without hesitation. Primary of which was the division I felt it caused to the country. If there is ever a single fault to the Philippines, it was that we were a divided nation, and I felt this would just add one more reason why we cannot trust one another or consider each other equals.

Later on though I realized that while that may be true, division about a bill such as this also had an important effect: All the people who adhered to the sort of idiotic Bible – waving dogma could finally be segregated from those who gave some thought into their actions, who had a conscience and acted responsibly.

And last night at Congress, it finally happened.

I am writing about those ridiculous Anti – RH Congressmen whose argument upon idiotic argument placed one on top of the other amounted to a mountain of stupidity, the single most blatant display of outright imbecilic behavior I had ever had the misfortune to listen to.

And as I shook my head upon every stupid anti-rh argument one after the other, any of which any reasonable layman can easily shoot down with common sense, I realized what I had thought of to happen had come true.

The bill may have its drawbacks in that it is divisive, but by being so also produced a wonderful thing: The idiots were drawn out in the open, pulled out the woodwork so that now the people have an clear idea of what type of Congressmen they should or should not support.

And what’s great is that it works both ways. If you insist on living your life upon a hardline brand of religion where you believe the spirits of your departed parents are ‘flying’ around the Congress building smiling down upon you, or if you believe that since Catholicism has been around longer than our government so it therefore takes precedence above a country’s Congress (and so why stop there? Why not abolish the whole government and just submit ourselves to the Vatican?)¬†well then God bless you, there is a Congressman out there you can support.

And on the other hand, if you think with a functioning human brain, and are cognizant of the fact that being called a Representative means that you represent constituents whom are hoping you are making decisions in their best interest, then there are people over there for you too.

These people are the ones that voted Yes to the RH Bill. Based on how the antis make their arguments, these people are probably going to burn in hell. But at least they did right thing.

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