January 2014

I don’t have anything planned to say, I just wanted to blog. Right now it’s Sunday and the wife and boy are at her parent’s house where all the relatives are as well. I will be joining them later in the afternoon or when I am summoned whichever comes first.

I wanted to say how happy I am at how things are at the moment. Of course everything can theoretically be better, but that’s just negativity talking. For sure though things can get worse, I’ve been there often enough to know that to be true.

It’s hard not to gush as a first time Dad would at Ace’s progression these past months. He’ll be 8 months this 15th and he is as round and cute as ever with the added ability of now being more interactive with those around him. He is just a step shy from starting to crawl after which he will eventually walk and then run, an event his months older cousin is starting to show as well. The minutes I spend with him urging him to crawl at our other empty condo with play tiles for this purpose, or just walking around the swimming pool make me happy and content. He has filled our lives with happiness just by being around and when I look at him I marvel not only at him but also at that amazing fact.

As for myself, this year I am hoping for a few changes particularly with the things I am trying to achieve. I am happy with the webdev business mostly because I think I have never had more skill now than I have had ever before. I like my output and I look forward to attacking projects and if you think about it that is the essence of productive work. Work not only feeds you materially but also gives you reachable goals that when achieved fulfills you as a whole. WIthout work, whether you have a ton of money or not (and more so if you do not of course), your life is directionless, scattered and you end up confused and frustrated.

I have three goals I’d like to achieve work wise. The first is to understand more thoroughly a business venture which has been waiting in the wings for years now, and with which I’ve decided to seek consultation about. I am trying to lay out the reasons why I have not pursued it as much as I have even if it is obvious that this has made me the most cash in the past, and that is because I assume I am afraid of certain obligations. I am being intentionally vague here because I do not want to preempt myself and divulge too much info. I’m sure however I will take care of this in due time or at least in the amount of time I am allowing this to take.

The 2nd goal is that I want to teach. I have had previous experience in the past teaching Photoshop at a school with a branch at the mall. My memories of those were that the pay was not commensurate to the amount of time and effort it took – something that I already knew was true at the back of my head but of course I had to experience first hand to learn. I therefore hope to teach on a voluntary basis. I can either teach web design, something computer related, or something writing or reading related. This I will know only when the opportunity presents itself.

Finally my 3rd goal is that I want to finally write something of consequence, something longer than several thousand words, possibly a short story. Everyday I think about the same story over and over again and it’s obvious the time has come for this to happen at some point.

As you see above the only thing that keeps me from doing these things is myself. Above therefore serves as my list, which is the first thing you wanna do to get a task done. Ok then, let’s do it.

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