S90 Project Day 1

So here is the Honda S90 I bought yesterday. The very definition of ‘as – is’.


s90_26s90_27s90_29s90_02 s90_03 s90_04 s90_05 s90_06 s90_07 s90_08 s90_09 s90_10 s90_11 s90_12 s90_13 s90_14 s90_15 s90_16 s90_18 s90_19 s90_20 s90_21 s90_22 s90_23 s90_30 s90_01Heaven help me, and I admit I’m going through a little bit of ‘what the hell did I get into’ feelings right now, but I felt that way when I started Leslie, so let’s see.

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