The Halted S90 Project And A Realignment Of My Restoration Policies

So here’s the latest on the S90. I have decided to shelve it after it has been confirmed that the parts I bought were mostly wrong or not any good – particularly the frame and tank. Otherwise everything else is usable.

But here’s the thing – even before I confirmed this I was already wavering on my continuing the project for two reasons. After my experiences with Leslie I had started to learn a lot more about what I like about restoring things in the first place, and it turns out that a.) I like the actual restoration process, including sourcing parts, studying service manuals, talking to like minded people and such and b.) I like to ride. I like riding per se, I like to take it places and I love the feeling of the open road – a constant phrase you will hear amongst many motorcycle owners.

On the other hand, I DO NOT WANT A GARAGE QUEEN. I do not want a machine that after I restore will just sit in my garage while I use something else most of the time. It seems a terrific waste to have something I worked on so hard to just sit idly and that’s exactly what’s going to happen if I continued the project.

If I really wanted to continue the project I actually can. I can work harder to source parts to replace the wrong ones and I will find them sooner or later for sure. However the idea that it’ll turn to something that I’d just have to find storage for irks me no end. I want something usable, driven daily even if possible. I don’t want a museum piece, I just want something fun and different but also something I can work on as well.

To be honest once I realize I wouldn’t continue it I felt as if a big weight had been removed off my shoulders. I can now use my resources to buy a nice bike, a new one if I wanted to, for daily use. I will still keep Leslie, but let’s be honest, I’m tired of how slow and unresponsive it is. I’m not out there to race on the highway but I would at least like to be as fast as everyone else.

So I’m thinking of buying a Honda TMX (P46,000.00 cash as I write this), and once I have that, go off to the province for a few days to do some major picking. Only after I see what I can find that’s out there will I be able to make smart decisions on what to restore and where I will go from there.

The itch to restore something is still there. I feel it everyday and I need it to be scratched very badly. My experience with the shelved S90 is by no means a failure as it has only taught me to be more discerning in my selection process, and this will allow me to make smarter decisions later on. Very excited now, after writing this, to see that I have developed direction. Let’s see where this goes.

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  1. thanks so much I’ll definitely spread that website around the various vintage bike groups

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