Update – My Ortho Cannot Commit A Date For The Surgery Within The Month

So I finally have the certifications from my nephrologist and cardiologist, the two certifications my Orthopedist requires before I proceed with the surgery. I texted his secretary to tell him about it, and she did, but it took a day and two other follow up texts for her to tell me some bad news, which is that her boss’ schedule is filled up and she can’t even promise a date within October.

This is a bummer because I had been looking forward to this so I can essentially get on with stuff I’ve wanted to do, such as a pending project.

The good news however is that the pain has subsided quite a bit and I am thankfully mobile enough to go ahead with the project anyway. As long as I take the pain meds it’s fairly manageable, and even short drives are okay. Driving longer than an hour would start hurting though, and in today’s traffic an hour to get anywhere is normal.

So that’s where I’m at for the moment. Just this minute the secretary texted again to ask me to send copies of the original MRI and certifications to their office, which although is only 15 minutes away without traffic, is in reality a 45 to 60 minute drive away, then having to look for parking, then hobble with my limp up the building just to give these pieces of paper to him.

I’ve been planning on a long – ish post about how IT can improve this situation, and I’m going to write it soon.

Finally, the cardiologist also recommended more medicine called Rosuvastatin Fenofibrate (10mg / 160mg), 1x a day for three months. It is supposed to help lower bad cholesterol and increase good.

A side effect however is dizziness, and this is extremely evident in the mornings. I usually wake up at 6:30, and now I have to drag myself out of bed at 8am. A fire could be raging beside the bed and it wouldn’t wake me up. I’m fortunate that we’ve invested in a new nice foam bed which has allowed me to sleep as long, because even if I stay in one position I don’t seem to feel any aches and pains like I usually do with our old mattress. Also, once the dizziness is gone I feel much better after having slept so well and so long, so all is not lost.

That’s it for now. Till the next.

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