Mocha & Thoughts On Beating Fake News

It’s silly to assume Mocha Uson would adhere to journalistic principles simply because her readership doesn’t want that. As long as she provides what her 5M followers want she has no reason to change.

Mocha is a cog in the wheel. To understand Mocha one has to study her followers. They are the extreme cynics. The reason she is who she is. The angry mob. People who didn’t really understand the issues but were angry at how things were. People who are not able to invest time and effort to think and argue about the situation, or if really things were as bad as they think it is, but wanted to rail and rant anyway. People who don’t write long FB posts like I do but wanted to express their frustration.

I believe there was organized disinformation put in place to hate the previous government. They made use of this angry mob and public relation efforts gave them the words. Like Yolanda, SAF44, Laglag bala, Yellows and so on. Now even the words LP is made to look like a group of thieves and murderers when it wasn’t even on people’s minds a year ago. You will notice that everytime you engage one of Mocha’s followers about Yolanda they will change the subject to SAF44. And if you say ok let’s talk about that, they’ll shift to Laglag bala, or underspending, or god knows what else.

Her followers don’t want to discuss issues. They just want to be angry. And well planned propaganda efforts gave them the words.

Never mind if the previous government increased the Philippines’ competitiveness rankings from 85th to 47th in the world. Never mind if our employment ratings was 94.2% in Jan 2016, THE LOWEST IT HAD EVER BEEN IN TEN YEARS. I remember it was 11% when I was first looking for a job during the Ramos era, and it only played around those numbers after that.

The previous administration wasn’t concerned with propaganda. They didn’t PR the heck out of it. It was a news item here and there but no one was shouting it out from the rooftops. The admin just went ahead and quietly did their jobs the way government should be doing anyway.

Now am I saying the previous admin was perfect? Jesus Christ no.

And therein lies another issue: Why would I automatically be branded as a Yellowtard if I defended it for a second? If you felt at anytime that I was when you read my previous paragraphs then maybe some of that propaganda had worked on you. OF COURSE the previous admin wasn’t perfect. NO ONE is saying they were simply because NO administration is and would ever be.

Let’s be adult about this please – and that happens to be what my message here is.

Let’s be mature and face the issues as they are. Close our ears for a second and think what needs to be done to truly change. In the end we are no different from the angry mob in terms of what we all want. We want to do what’s right to save ourselves and we are all aware that it needs to be done soon.

We have to level up our thinking. Stop hating one another and realize we all want the same thing. If we do that, and decide with a calm mind and heart the correct path no amount of fake news or concerted propaganda would sway us from what is right.

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