New S90 Project

So this is funny. April 2019 I officially gave up on the S90z project by selling everything I had to Jared, a really nice guy I met on FB. He bought everything including the box I stored it in for P2.5k. These parts had been sitting up on our condo storage area since 2014 and I figured what the hell, nothing had happened since then so I seriously doubted anything would happen soon.

Two months later I see this on FB, selling at nearby Las Pinas for P15k:

Now S90 ads happen occasionally but this is special because of this:

It is currently registered, with the ORIGINAL Certificate of Registration or Registration Certificate as it used to be called:

That means the previous owner used to register it every year, maybe even since 1969 because if you had stopped registering your car at some point they would not honor the old Registration Certificate anymore and make you have to change it to the new Certificate of Registration. But I assume since he kept registering it annually he never had to update it. That’s amazing.

It also came with the original Owner’s Manual:

The old carb and tool set:

Spare piston

and piston rings:

But it was in bad shape. It’s not running, with something bulging out of the stator side, and some odd space between the cyl head and block:

And the previous owner put in a new ignition switch and covered up the hole where the old one used to be.

However, the numbers on the papers and engine and body matched, and it had its good points. It has a new looking speedometer

and the body seemed sound. And so a week after I bought it, they shipped it to me:

and now it’s outside!

So it’s been a few weeks now and I’ve been sourcing parts. I’ve bought the following with the other items to follow:

Obviously this can get expensive especially since I just got my trusty Leslie back on the road at the same time. In fact I just used him on a 60km ride to pick up the S90 seat a few days ago

I’m planning to get rear lights and a better gas tank for the S90 soon but the seller I found wants me to buy a whole bunch of other parts I don’t need as well including a whole chassis. I don’t have a choice though so I have to try to sell whatever extra parts I have after. I’ve been following Indonesian and US S90 boards on Instagram, maybe I can sell the chassis to them? We’ll see. Anyway, there really is no hurry.

The big question is what do i do with 3 bikes. I don’t want to think of myself as a hoarder, in fact I cringe at the idea of owning a bike I do not use. I’d rather keep and maintain ones I regularly use and 3 bikes seem a lot. However it’s hard to get rid of Leslie because it’s such a great ride now after such a long hiatus, while the black one with 100cc is a much faster bike and a joy to use plus it’s been my workhorse these past months when Leslie was in the garage.

Well we’ll see. The goal is I make this one look like this:

Once achieved, assuming I get everything right, then we’ll see if I need to get rid of either Leslie or the black one. At the moment I am really excited at the prospect of owning such a beautiful bike and a registered one with proper papers as well. This is gonna be great.

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