S90 Update 2

So it’s finally in the shop and broken up. Let’s start with the negative. Starting with this picture.

That’s a main bearing welded onto the crankcase. Simply put, it’s a disaster. Not unsalvagable but still a disaster as it’s possible the crankcase is gone.

Other issues are the area where the main stand is attached.

Which looks like a spaghetti of wires wrapped together to keep it attached.

On the positive side, the rest of the body is free of rust. Here are pictures with the camera pointing up from where the engine was attached.

There’s only surface rust. No gaping holes or major issues. It’s also an indication that this is its original color. There is no sign of over paint or putty. This is very welcome news as any weakened metal or welding might compromise its rigidity.

Regardless, I should get a good welder to double the metal at that area and to fix this

These are weight supporting so they have to be reinforced. If it turns out that’s rotten I have a donor body and a donor stand to replace that.

To fix the engine I am buying a donor engine to strip parts from. Once that’s done the body will get torn apart to go to the sandblast and powder coat along with the seat frame.

I wanted this type of handlebar

But the existing handlebar had an old style opening on the right grip to accommodate the cable which slides inside. That means you can’t just buy these from any store so I have to figure that out later.

Bad news though, to finance this I have to sell the black cub. That’s going to be painful but hey, I don’t want to spend anymore. Besides I don’t want to have two of the same bike. I honestly am still iffy about that decision but in the end I do not think I will regret it six or twelve months later. I do these projects because I like working on them. Actually owning them is another matter because I do not want to have more bikes than I can ride. And since I’ll really never get rid of Leslie, the black one will have to go. Sad but it’ll be ok.

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