S90 Update 7 – Magneto Repair

I am fascinated with the magneto, and how it allows for a self contained engine that produces electricity to power the spark plugs which then powers the magneto and back again. No matter how much tech I learn I still find that idea absolutely amazing.

As you would imagine mine being 50 years old was worn out either by wear and tear or the elements so I had to get it fixed.

I google mapped ‘alternator repair’ which brought me to a few places near Evacom but one was missing and the other said they don’t fix these types. So I decided to just ask around the tricycle drivers parked nearby. Some of them still use old motorcycles that use these technology like the Yamaha RS100 and Kawasaki HD3, which I’ve both considered taking on as projects. Anyway they led me to Mang Nonong.

Magneto powered engines have long been replaced by alternators. Although they are self contained they also allow a single point of failure, meaning that if something were to go wrong with the electrical system the whole engine stops. Alternators power the battery which then power the engine. If the alternator breaks the battery can still bring spark to the plugs so it can limp back home.

Magneto type generators are a dying technology or at least are not used for automotive purposes anymore and so people who know how to fix let alone rewire one (a difficult job) are rare. Just my explanation above is probably rare as well since no one bothers to learn about these things any more. As far as millenials know and care they just work and do not care to know how or why. If you google magneto it will be about the X-Men.

So I’m glad to be giving Mang Nonong some business. It costs P1,500 and takes a day, I’ll pick it up later.

Here he is on google maps:

Not only that, but he didn’t flinch when I said I wanted to bring my 1946-48 GE Vortalex stand fan to him to fix!

Yesterday was a good day.

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