S90 Update 8 – Transmission Issues

So, I’m screwed. Here’s a pic of the 2nd gear of the original engine:

and here’s a pic of the 2nd gear of the donor engine:

That’s right. BOTH original and donor engine 2nd gears are chipped meaning they are worthless. Sigh.

Here’s an interesting discovery. When I googled Honda S90 transmission I got a page on ebay that sells the 2nd gear almost exclusively. This may indicate that the 2nd gear is a commonly weak component on this bike!

So anyway I’m going to try to list down my options:

Option 1., buy a new one here (if I can find one) or abroad – Prices go from $21.99 to $50 and more not including shipping. That’s P1,100 ~ P2,500 for a freaking gear ++, and if my hunch is right that it’s a weak point in the engine it might have gotten even weaker over time now that it’s at least 50 years old.

Option 2. Buy another donor S90 engine. I found a guy selling one when I was looking for another stator. On FB chat he asked me to make an offer and I said I didn’t want to low ball him. He said try anyway and I didn’t reply because, well, I just didn’t want to low ball him. Not only that but I have no guarantee any parts I get from it is in good condition so I might waste my money on yet another donor engine. And after all this I’d have TWO donor engines I wouldn’t know what to do with cluttering the house.

Option 3. Buy a newer model engine. The pre owned 100cc Honda Wave engine I bought for my black one two years ago only cost P2,500 (around $50.00). It was in great condition, had a double clutch, super smooth transmission and lots of power. I miss the performance and the idea of my S90 driving around with a great engine is very tempting. As it is a new model any issue I might find can still be fixed and there are lots and lots of parts.

It’s obvious what my choice is. I admit I was very lucky to score such a great engine but I’m a very patient guy who searches Facebook marketplace almost daily (it beats most online ads out there).

This development puts the project on hold status for now. I have to take a practical long term view about where this is going. I feel a little overwhelmed about all that needs to be done so the best thing to do is step back. I’ll figure it all out in a day or so, but if I find a cheap Honda Wave engine available I’ll probably go for it.

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