Corruption is Unsustainable

The reason why our government is incompetent is because its managers are hired based on how loyal they are to Duterte and not because of qualifications.

As such you have people appointed to positions they either know nothing about or if they do their output is based on what Duterte wants it to be.

This burdens the decision making process tremendously. Every Department head, every Cabinet Secretary needs to wait for approval from the boss before they act. Whenever you see conflicting statements it’s probably because someone did something, the boss didn’t like it, so things had to be retracted or revised.

This is obviously no way to run a government. It’s foolish to assume that everything is manageable by one man or even one team. Good bosses delegate work to competent managers with appropriate qualifications and experience. They then delegate forward to other competents. Even in the best of times things still go awry which I’m sure happens a lot with this administration. Unfortunately this one just tries to divert attention elsewhere or manipulate facts to make things look better than they are.

That policy is bound to fail. The public isn’t blind. Prices of basic goods are increasing. The government is constantly loaning money with no tangible results. Good people are being tagged as communists. There are untimely calls for changes to the constitution in the middle of a much more pressing pandemic. The world is getting vaccinated while we have yet to hear of a plan.

Duterte’s administration can spend all their money on fake news, fake polls and cut and paste online trolls but the signs of a failing government and worsening life for everyone is impossible to ignore.