Bacolod 2015

Post 3 day quick trip to Bacolod! Here are some thoughts.

Food Prices Are Unfair – We had 3 or 4 group meals involving as many as ten people and the bill never reached anywhere what it would in Manila. At Masskara Chicken Inasal our bill only came up to P1.8k, and at Bob’s Cafe we didn’t even get up to P3k despite everyone having more than their fill. Granted there were a lot of senior citizen cards passed around but it was still amazing. Each time the bill would come I couldn’t help feeling like we were getting such a bad deal in Manila where a ‘good’ meal would be P150 – P300 and one in a similar establishment such as Bobs’ would easily fetch P600 – P800. Just check out the prices at Rau-Ram Cafe, which serves absolutely authentic Vietnamese Pho (situated in the middle of nowhere. Truly a foodie – only resto). No wonder Tita Tess eats here everyday. You CANNOT get quality that good for prices that low in Manila.


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The Long Awaited Hanoi Motorcycle Post!

Well, long awaited by myself mostly.

I’m a vintage scooter / motorcycle geek, and Vietnam is scooter heaven. Here I’ll compile some of the interesting ones I found during our short stay in the Old Quarters, Ha Long Bay and the trip going there.

Let’s start with the most amazing find ever, an actual ‘i never thought i’d see one in my lifetime‘, Mobylette.

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Hanoi Day 1

Two days ago was our first Hanoi day proper. As of writing this we had already gone to amazing Ha Long Bay, quite easily the most spectacular visual experience I’ve ever had. But before writing about that I wanna get the stuff we did our first day out the way.

First thing you’ll notice the moment you step out the door are the amazing buildings.


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We’re in downtown Hanoi!

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Until the 9th. Just had breakfast where Ace made a few friends. It’s Tet however, the ‘most important celebration of Vietnamese culture’ according to Wikipedia, so most of the shops I was told are closed.

The weather is a very Manila December like 20 degrees more or less and it’s almost like we never left.

Ok some random pics. Here’s a view from the balcony.

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