Finally Met Yuga

I’m very glad to have made Abe Olandre‘s acquaintance last Friday, finally, at a Nokia event. We were amongst the group who came very early, so I went up to him and explained who I was, and he was very accomodating.

He said he had heard of my sites from his kumpare Alwell whose managed web hosting service I used to use, probably when they were talking shop. I had to leave Mobilehive when the sites were exceeding my monthly allocations almost within the 1st week, which I’m sure I talked about at length on this blog.

Anyway, Abe has always been on my radar, but we’ve never had the chance to meet, mostly because I haven’t ever attended any sort of blog meetup or conference since I started. When we started talking, I felt as if I was talking to an old friend, and for good reason. He is the only person I have met who is in exactly the same business as I am, doing almost the same methods as I do as well. We are both publishers and we each own several blogs, each of which pursue their own paths. He came in from the web hosting side of things, never expecting to write, while I came from the writing and publishing world so to speak.

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