Old Movie Week (or Month)

Old Movie Week (or Month)

As a testament to how boring exciting a couple we are, Jill and I are about to embark on an Old Movie Tour in the coming weeks. Many of which are from my recollection of movies I watched but never really understood so much as a kid, but nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed, and had somewhat shaped my opinion and perception on popular culture, the arts, artists, and what movies and theater were all about. Forgive me if I sound serious but movies a serious topic, for me, be.

A sampling:


Cabaret is one of the most frequently copied, spectacular movies I’ve ever seen. I was surprised when everyone was raving about Chicago, when I realized that they had probably never seen Cabaret. To be plainly clear about it, Chicago is a sad, pathetic attempt. When I think of great singing, dancing performers, there is nothing quite like Liza Minelli. Check out Michael York here, before he became just another funny character in those Austin Powers movies. The only copy that can possibly come close is Flashdance and maybe some scenes from Fame, but that’s about it.

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