World War Z Movie Review


Reason being is special in the sense that it is due to my distinct experiences enjoying the zombie genre. Writing this also happens to be apt considering it involves I Am Legend by Richard Matheson who happens to have passed recently. So here’s my review:

I am a great fan of I Am Legend. It is an amazing book and the first I read that tells the story of a man being chased by transformed human beings, in this case ‘vampire – like’ creatures. I obviously wasn’t the only fan because the book also inspired George A. Romero who would then go and make ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, featuring ‘true’ zombies albeit the slow and plodding but nonetheless out – to – get – your – brains and will – only – stop – when – shot – in – the – head. Much later we will be introduced to the sprinting zombies of 28 Days Later which imo is the best in class of the fast running zombie genre, and then now we get World War Z.

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Burn After Reading Movie Review

I finally got to watch Burn After Reading. One of the reasons why I hate Twilight so much is that I suspect BAR was shown for only a week in the theatres to make way for it, aside of course from the fact that its cheesy drivel, and probably pales in comparison to Frank Langela’s original Dracula from waaay back. But then again I haven’t watched it so I know not from where I speak. I doubt I ever will however, as the mere need to compare the two does not weigh enough on me to subject myself to what, from all angles, looks like idiocy.

At any rate back to BAR. Here we have the Coen brothers doing what they do best. Investigating the downward spiral of seemingly ridiculous yet absolutely real characters some of which, as in the case of Frances McDormand‘s Linda Litzke, reminds me terribly of someone I know. A woman so blinded by a perceived notion of what she should be and the kind of lifestyle she should have that she neglects the here and now. The result is an emotional wreck and what appears as the start of a bigger one, pending planned cosmetic surgery she feels will solve her problems.

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