Re Comcast, AOL and MS buying into Facebook

There have been 3 alarming things re the internet on the news today. (btw yeah i’m gonna talk about tech again for once. Dont worry i’m not getting all political as per last few posts. I just write whatever gets in my head basically).

Anyway, these are that Comcast had apparently been blocking / delaying some Internet traffic, and that ‘Email forwarding’ is being looked into by the US’ FCC after someone there lost a lot of business when AOL closed her account without warning, cancelling her email account and damaging her business. And the 3rd and final one is that Microsoft has bought into Facebook.

Obviously these issues happened in the States and had affected Americans directly, but being on the Internet, the effect of these things are universal. If Comcast decides to limit Internet traffic on certain protocols, servers, or whatever, anyone on the Internet accessing them is gonna be affected, and yes that includes us here in the bush.

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