Lets Just Make an Ogg 2.0

I think for the most part, the tech issues that interest, or rather more to the point – get a rise out of me – most are open source, privacy, and ‘understanding the ‘net issues. More specifically occasions when open source isn’t achieved, is attacked, misread or misunderstood. This extends to privacy and the use of the Internet either in dramatically brilliant or excessively stupid ways. Some people ‘get’ the ‘net, some people don’t. I like to believe I’m getting there albeit it took me awhile and it’s a long road ahead and there’s still much to learn.

The latest case that has caught my attention is the Nokia Ogg issue, or to be exact, Nokia’s claim that the Ogg Format is proprietary and hence must be removed from w3c’s web publishing standards for html5. The best article I’ve read explaining this so far is from Ars Technica, and by ‘best article explaining this’ I mean ‘I’ve only needed to read this 15x to understand it.

It’s a very complicated issue that reads more like a legal document rather than a technical white paper. In essence what Nokia appears to want to say is the ff.: (lifted from same article)

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