I’m not their Coach anymore

In our practice this morning one of my players got into a fight. It was getting ugly so I stopped the game and told the two to come over. I got the opposing player to stand with me, I was holding his wrist. I was calling out to my player Leo, and he wouldn’t come.

He stood around the edge of the court shuffling his feet and muttering nonsense, while everyone watching was jeering and having a whale of a time. I called him again and again to come over, to just stand beside me so he could hear what I’d say, but he didn’t come. Finally he along with my other players left without me. I patted the other player on the back, I think his name was AJ, and I told him he was a good boy. Coming together after a fight, especially a silly basketball one (they are all silly), is a good sign.

I think I’ve been doing my part for these kids, after coaching them on and off for two years we’ve come up with this:

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