2nd Server Migration Complete!

Last night Jan. 11, we managed to completely transfer Kikay Exchange, Basketball Exchange and Mom Exchange onto the new server hosted at Tri-Isys. I changed nameserver entries by 930pm and as I write this at 741am the domain has completely resolved to its new IP address at least in my part of the world.

Tri-Isys via its hosting arm b2b.com.ph is (as far as we know) the first to offer commercial VPS hosting in the Philippines, offering terrific peerage to all domestic telcos Globe, Bayantel, Smart, etc., and especially PLDT. Their VPS is physically located at PLDT exchanges (either in Binondo or C5 – not sure) which guarantee almost LAN like data transfer for local viewers.

We are expecting faster access times for the greater part of Exchange.ph subscribers, which are approximately 88% local as shown in this graph from Google Analytics:

Can’t wait till the weekdays, when traffic is strongest, to check performance!

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Fairly eventful day if not marked somewhat by physical inactivity

I wanted to work out this morning but hey, what I like about working out is that its easy to make excuses, right? So my excuse is I slept late and therefore woke up late and hence my life albeit unhealthy is, however, explained properly, for what that’s worth.

But first, CONGRATULATIONS MAUI. To anyone that wants to see a unique and special incident check that out. You got your celebrity, your big drama and suspense, your internet angle (for the techies) plus pics and everything to document it. Way to go.

Other things marking this day is the completion of 4 out 1,384,592 on my todo list. Primarily, I’ve started uploading Schu products on the Kikay Shop. I’ve uploaded 18, so there’s 423,382,782 to go. Then I billed 3 clients and submitted a ‘Kikay Shop Recommendations for the Holiday Season’ to a publication that will remain unnamed, but if you wanna know, check out the Inquirer on Wednesday.

Then I asked a question about local hosting (yes I’m thinking of hosting again) on PLUG’s mailing list, where respondents unfortunately explained what I already feared – that there is no such thing as affordable hosting in the Philippines. If you wanna know why, hosting in the Philippines is better for me since 79% of the site’s visitors are local. Well, ok I admit I just made that up but that’s a good guesstimate.

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Looks like I’m gonna have to move this blog again.

My hosting costs are a bitch. Fortunately my previous problems with mysql and speed issues seem to have been resolved, but now my data transfer rates are through the roof, and I am making an inventory of everything in my server and deciding on whether to take them out (and most of the time it’s out).

So goodbye Movie Exchange?
Goodbye (gasp) Basketball Exchange?

Sigh. I dunno. It feels lousy that I’m stuck with the bill after projects didn’t push through. But what the hey, better they had failed now than in the future I guess. In the meantime, I’m sure this blog has to go too.

Oh well. Decisions have to be made. Nobody said it was gonna be easy.