The Best BallEx Post We’ve Ever Written

.. has got to be this one. John Dacanay wrote it while I provided the images (which has haaaarrrrd). John’s incredible basketball knowledge continues to astound me. He really is a walking basketball encyclopedia and I’m proud to help him in every way with his goal to eventually release a book.

Some interesting factoids (which I probably should publish on BallEx instead but am writing here anyway why not), is Billy Ray Bate’s terrible fall to disgrace, after having been feted like the 2nd coming here, going back to the US, falling into drink and cocaine which eventually culminated in trying to holdup a Texaco station, where he got $5.00 and 7 years in prison. All after what would’ve been promising careers playing as a Laker, a Trailblazer, a Rocket, a Bullet and a Crispa Redmanizer amongst many teams, even saying that while he was here, he was ‘like Michael Jordan. I could have anything I wanted. All I had to do was snap my fingers. I had my own condo, my own car and my own bodyguard with an Uzi. I had to fight off the women.‘.

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