‘Once’ Movie Review

When I resolved to watch the movies determined by the Associated Press to be the best of 2007, I admit I wasn’t all too pumped to watch the one that was described as a ‘movie musical’.

And here’s where I admit that I was wrong, and my God am I completely and horribly wrong.

I won’t waste anyone’s time anymore, and just say flat out say that Once is one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen. Many times throughout I felt that Writer – Director John Carney was almost cruel in the way he plays with the viewer’s emotions, ranging from the depths of despair to the heights of elation. You forget that you are watching a performance, and you forget that the performers are ordinary, almost sad looking people. You forget everything, and are just enveloped in a wave of emotion, ensconed as you are in the world Carney et al brings you to.

The story is fairly simple, as is the plot, so much so there almost isn’t any. Irish actor Glen Hansgard plays ‘A Guy’ (the credits describe him as such) who plays guitar in the streets for what I presume to be extra cash. Markéta Irglová is ‘The Girl’ who one day strikes a conversation with him after hearing him belt out one of his own compositions.

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