475,000 Reasons To Think Of Before Moving To A Condo

If there was any error in our decision coming here it’s the incredible cost of parking that we totally overlooked. Consider this:

  1. At carpark monthly rate: P3,500/mo. Daily rate is something like P160. We are paying as of this moment 3 days worth, pending results of looking for a better deal. There is an hourly but no weekly rate.
  2. If you buy a parking spot at a parking building (currently under construction): P475,000.00
  3. Alternative: Wait for someone to rent theirs out, but at the risk of having it withdrawn any time (it’s a seller’s market), and there’s already a long line.
  4. Alternative 2: Look for parking at nearby compound and at the shops across the street. So far this makes the most sense.

Those figures are enough to make you think twice about moving at all. The janitor around here, a really nice guy btw, can make a killing if he decides to broker parking spaces, being in the know about these things. Dunno if he already is actually.

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