Reasoning Isn’t Enough. Many WANT a Dictator.

Jill and I discussed today a disturbing observation. There are many people in our circles that despite the overwhelming abundance of facts against Marcos’ and Duterte’s clearly well funded disinformation campaign there are still people who make great effort to either ignore, dismiss or twist these and continue their support.

I have decided that this has to do more with the person’s morality and twisted sense of values than his inability to deal with reality. They are normal people for the most part. They love their families, may do productive work, may be professionals and you may have a good time hanging out with them sharing common interests.

But as far as recognizing the sins of Duterte and Marcos are concerned, and conversely, understanding the value of the government being run by upstanding, honest professionals, they are completely at a loss.

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My Public Letter Opposing Harry Roque’s Nomination As A Member Of The International Law Commission (ILC)

​​​Dear Sir / Madam,

As a concerned Citizen Of the Philippines, I am requesting your office withdraw or at least reconsider Mr. Harry Roque’s candidacy into the ILC.

Harry Roque is the current spokesperson for the administration of current President Rodrigo Duterte. As such he is an enabler and apologist often using lies, obfuscation, deceit, deflection and bullying to place his administration in a good light. President Duterte’s Administration has been the worst disaster the Philippines has faced in all its history. He admits to using Extrajudicial Killings to enforce a fake ‘war on drugs’. Under his term thousands of deaths, many by police he controls, have become the norm.

Duterte refuses to enforce the internationally recognized Hague ruling on the West Philippine Sea which would have protected our islands upon encroaching Chinese military bases. His continuing failure to apply appropriate Covid measures have resulted in the current highest number of deaths at nearly 35 thousand people in the Western Pacific Region according to the WHO.

Everyday we face a barrage of fresh information about the current Administrations’ corruption, negligence and incompetence and it is Mr. Roque’s job to deflect or deny these allegations via discounting, deceit, blame shifting, plain lying and even screaming and temper tantrums or similar methods that can misdirect or divert the public’s anger elsewhere.

At this point the Filipino public is beyond disgusted with Mr. Roque. I personally wonder if he still has a soul to present his Maker when his time comes. The fact that he was initially a high profile Human Rights Lawyer only adds to the amazement that a human can live devoid of conscience. He is the exact opposite of an advocate of humanity. He is an instigator, motivator and a promoter of evil.

He deserves no official duty other than the cleaner of his jail’s shared toilet where, in a just world, he belongs in.

I say these in behalf of what I believe to be the sentiments of other disgusted citizens in the Philippines. We are thankful for your time.

Thoughts On The Crown

What I learned from The Crown is that essentially, the monarchy, or at least the British one, are a sort of government sanctioned and promoted celebrity family. People seem to love them by default whether they deserve it or not, and so the state uses this as an opportunity to promote among other things, proper behavior, loyalty to country, patriotism and devotion to duty. Something to aspire to. Without which you supposedly would have, especially among the lesser educated, mayhem.

Because they are so popular, people are obsessed with everything they say and do. Movies, books, magazines – a whole industry of publications are dedicated to everything these people eat, wear, their stature, their earthly possessions, who they ‘fancy’, none of which may actually be true yet is absorbed, fabricated and supplemented by people like water in the desert. And because there is such obsession and (unnecessarily deserving) adulation, they use this to promote their standards. Like sobriety, conservatism, restraint, respect for law and government, and all those the government sees befit a British citizen. Continue reading “Thoughts On The Crown”