Informatics Galleria T-TH 6-9PM, and the seat of my pants

And just like that, I am now a Part Time Trainor again at Informatics Galleria. I decided to inquire about openings on Wednesday two days ago while on a lunch break with Ge, found time to submit a resume that evening, and by yesterday was signing a contract to teach Basic Photoshop for 15 hours at the aforementioned time and dates.

I think what I was thinking was: 6-9PM is the absolute worst time to get a ride home from Galleria to Cainta. By 9pm the traffic would’ve cleared, and since I have to go to my client there from time to time, I figured it’s time well spent. Besides, I did enjoy the teaching gig a few years ago, and [tag]Photoshop[/tag] is my life, my love and my happiness. It is however, extremely tiring and draining. Although its supposedly just 3 hours every t-th, it’s an additional hour or two preparing for that, plus making sure everything else in your life is working so as to free up that time for it.

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