three MS posts comin’ atcha

One this morning, and now a two-in-one!

Couldn’t help it, because (1.) today Microsoft today announced a new version of MS SQL, said to be targetting rivals Oracle and IBM.

Which isn’t really big news, except for the line I got from this article:

In order to promote the use of SQL Server and Visual Studio, Microsoft also said that it would offer free versions of the two programs for personal use so that individuals can create their own databases, Web sites and software programs.

which means it’s going up against MySQL as well. So a few things:

  • Oracle, IBM, SAP, are giving the standard ‘why do we have to worry’ responses, but really they should even a little bit, because when MS gets around to selling things to businesses, they are at their element. They do this not by targetting the techies, but by going after the bosses. Everyone knows the bosses know dipshit about software, however they still control the checkbooks and that’s what really counts. Besides what do the techies know anyway? The reason why they’re stuck working in those freezing closets managing those big beige servers is that they aren’t the boss! So inasmuch as you have to respect some bosses for their guts and ability, MS will first confuse them with technicalities, then provide layer upon layer of flashy tech-lingo and presentations designed to make them think they know what they’re buying. Before you know it, some old and respected S&L operation is switching to MS SQL because the owner thinks it’s (insert tech-lingo here), remembering to pronounce it correctly as “sequel” while doing so. Doesn’t matter that the head Unix guy is threatening to resign, what does he know anyway, working in that freezing backroom closet’s probably got his brain fried. It’s happened before, and MS is the best at it.
  • As per mysql, I doubt it though. That’s because MS SQL on the web means IIS, and IIS means No.Way. to most web sysads. If that doesn’t scare you enough, IIS needs to run on *gasp* Windows, and well, need I say more? It’s hard enough to try and make a popular, money-making dynamic website. Throw in the problems of maintaining a security nightmare like IIS just to make your work more interesting. Hosting would probably be pricier, and why not? Therapist fees for the sys admins alone would add quite a premium.

Sub MS blogpost (2.) would be the Internet Caf Pabuenas pakulo by, which is interesting for two reasons, one because if you purchase ten Windows XP or two Microsoft Office, or ten CAL licenses purchased from an authorized reseller, you’ll win a bonanza of internet cafe essentials as prizes, namely:

  • 5 PCs (Intel Pentium 4, 19″ Monitor, complete with speakers, webcam, microphone)
  • 1 Hub
  • 1 year subscription of DSL (estimate at PhP6,000/month)
  • 1 neon panaflex signage of iCafe and Microsoft
  • Store Stickers that say “This Internet Caf uses Genuine Microsoft Software”
  • Windows Genuine Stickers for the PCs
  • Photo Oppty / Press Release

and two because of the promo duration, September 9 to November 30, 2005. Which by itself isn’t noteworthy, except if a. You haven’t heard of this, b. it’s already November 7, and b.1. You happen to be an internet cafe owner or plan to be one – then you’d be asking as I have, why hasn’t this been as promoted as well as it should have? Internet cafe owners – oh i’m sorry – iCafe owners should know about this! I mean, goodness! A photo oppty with the MS folks! WOWWW!

Seriously, it should be spread around, so it’s good my friend Ge, who did that page, showed it to me by accident really, when he wanted to show off a .aspx example, when I asked him what .mspx was when I saw it on the MS SQL page, where he answered it’s just .aspx but of a different name, probably to sound more “MS Techie” – but that’s for a different blog post :).


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